Friday, March 27, 2015

Photo Friday [77]

Lots of photos for you this week!

Someone fell asleep while playing.

Funny story... this electric knife was in the cupboard when we bought our house, and in the five and half years we've owned this house, I've never used it. I thought electric knives were only for like carving turkeys and stuff.  We only eat turkey once every few years here.  It wasn't until just recently that I realized it is the best thing for slicing homemade bread.  Way better than just a regular bread knife. I use it ALL THE TIME now.  I feel silly that it has lived in a box all these years.  

 Caleb's angry face.  He practices it a lot.  Did I mention he's two-and-a-half?  Yeah... 'nuff said.

 This week was dominated by our Branch Conference.  The boys spent the morning in a child care program.  Caleb was soooooo excited to get to go to "school" with Greg.

 I would bring Kate with me to conference in the mornings.  In the afternoons I would stay home with all three kids and would attempt to listen to the audio feed over the intranet.  "Try" being the operative word with the kids making lots of noise and needing attention.

On the last day, our newly-appointed Director (left) introduced the three associate directors who will be helping him govern the branch over the next two years.  (As you can see, Brian is the tallest of the new directorate team!)

Conference ended with a spontaneous prayer surrounding the Papua New Guinean colleagues who were in the room with us. [photo by Phil King]

 As I was folding laundry I decided to snap this photo of a large pile of little boy undies and shorts.  A huge part of my life right now has been the on-going process of potty training.  I may be a missionary serving in a far away country, but in day-to-day life, I'm dealing with a lot of the same stuff that moms back in the States are dealing with.

  As I was gathering up my coins and small bills for a trip to the market this morning, I was noticing how beautiful PNG money is, and was thinking how something that has become second nature to me is unfamiliar to you guys.  So here is a photo of the coins (maybe I'll do some photos of the bills next week)

Top left, with a picture of a bird of paradise, is the 50-toea coin.  The crocodile one with the hole in the middle is the One Kina coin.  On the bottom left we have a 10-toea, featuring a cuscus, and finally, the 20-toea with a picture of a cassowary.  There used to be a 2 Kina coin, but I haven't seen one of those in ages.  There is also a 5-toea coin, but it's used so rarely that sometimes at the store they will give you a small piece of candy with your change instead of a 5-toea coin.

So what will these coins buy you at the market?  Let's find out...
 Cucumbers for 20t, 50t or K1, depending on the size.

 K1 will buy you a sweet mandarin or a nice tomato.  (It's the beginning of the season for the mandarins... they will go down in price as they become more readily available).

 Or a bunch of carrots.

 20t will get you your choice of a green onion or some ginger.

 And that 50t coin?  Well, that's Greg's favorite...

Because it will buy you a doughnut!

That's all for this week.  See you next Friday.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Photo Friday [76]

Welcome back for a glimpse of our week!

 Last weekend we did a little tree trimming.  ("We" being our PNG friend Tama, who you can't really see up in that tree in the background, and Brian... with some "help" from the boys.)

 Hard-working man

 Even hard-working men need a rest sometimes.

  Kate continues being photogenic

 Throwing water balloons at a tree in our yard.


 My living room is roughly the size of a queen-sized quilt when I push the furniture out of the way, as I learned one evening when I basted my quilt top, batting and backing.  Ready for quilting now!

 Yesterday was the beginning of our biannual branch conference, when our staff from all over the country come together to elect new leadership and to discuss important issues.  Those two empty white chairs at the bottom of the photo belong to Brian and I.  I was up on the balcony, feeding Kate.  Brian had to miss the first day of conference because it was the only day that some consultants from Australia could come to examine our power grid and to give recommendations for updating it - a project that Brian, as the "generator guy," has been very involved in.

And Kate is four months old today!

Until next Friday...

Friday, March 13, 2015

Photo Friday [75]

We started out our week with stitches:

Caleb fell backwards off  a chair and ended up with four stitches on the back of his head last Friday afternoon.  He did really well with the whole process.  We went in this morning to have them removed.  So thankful for a good clinic close by!
We got to spend some time with puppies this week:

Some parts that we had ordered for our truck finally arrived from Australia, so Brian spent the weekend installing them.  It is once again safe to drive on the road outside of Ukarumpa.  We took it for a test spin to town to see if we could get our driver's licenses, but the office was still out of film, as they were last month when we tried.

This week was "Interact," a conference for all the folks involved in language work.  It's always a really interesting time when everyone gets to learn what other folks are doing in other parts of the country.  I was able to attend a few of the morning sessions, though not as many as I would have liked.

 A tablet with cartoons enabled me to listen to one presentation when I had Caleb and Kate with me.

 We acquired some finger puppets from a yard sale.  This makeshift cardboard stage has gotten quite a bit of use this week.

 And we'll end with a photo of this cutie!

Until next week...

Friday, March 6, 2015

Photo Friday [74]

Now that she has better control of her hands, everything goes in her mouth.


 The boys haven't had as much time in front of the camera lately.  (The small one is so much more cooperative!)   So I grabbed a few shots of them too.


 Our local market is three mornings per week.  I've been trying to just go one day a week, since everything is more difficult to do with three kids.
 Our week's worth of produce.  On market mornings I spend a big chunk of time washing, bleaching and prepping all of our produce for the week.

 Why is the pants-on-the-head look so funny for little boys?  He told me, "I am an angel and I have a sword to kill you!"  (I think the story of Balaam's donkey sticks in his mind better than those stories in which the angels bring good tidings!)

 All our kids have worn this shirt.

This is my exercise routine.  After dropping Greg off at school, Caleb, Kate and I take the long way home.  I may not have time to got to the gym regularly, but pushing a double stroller up the hills provides a pretty good workout!

Until next week.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Photo Friday [73]

SPOILER ALERT!  Ukarumpa friends, if you haven't seen the High School play yet, I have a few photos of it in this post.  You may want to wait and be surprised by the dragon... it was pretty impressive.

Ok... here is a bit about our week:

 This is Brian and Greg watching the Super Bowl.  Yeah... we're a little behind here. It usually takes a while for us to get major sporting events recorded and sent here, where they are then shared around.  The nice thing was is that we really didn't have a clue who won, as the Super Bowl was the weekend we had just gotten to Ukarumpa and didn't have our internet set up yet.  Greg was really into it, and at every commercial break he would ask, "Did the blue team win???"  (Yes, we're West Coast)

Caleb still wants to stick pretty close to mom all the time, even though we've been back in PNG for a month.  He flipped out when I suggested he go to Daycare one morning, but then I let Greg work on him.  Greg expounded on the all the delights of Daycare and convinced him to go (if Greg went with him).  As you can see, he was a little unsure when I left him.

 Turns out he did have a good time.  I hope he remembers that next time I need him to go!

Brian did a day trip to Lae for work.  Lae-in-a-day is always exhausting: six hours round trip of very alert driving, plus driving around running errands in the coastal heat in a vehicle without air conditioning.

Of course, I sent him with a shopping list!

He brought back applesauce - a special treat for the boys.

Among other things, he brought back ten kilos of cheese!  Buying cheese in bulk, as we can do in Lae, is significantly cheaper than buying smaller amounts here.  I divided it up into smaller portions and froze it.  It should last us months!

Kate discovered her toes this week.

All  week long Greg was looking forward to his "Mommy-Greg date."   We went to see the High School play - A Play About a Dragon.

 The dragon costume, paired with lights and great sound effects, was very impressive.  I think they toned it down a little for the matinee performance that we attended, so that it wouldn't scare all the little kids.

 The dragon was slain, of course.

Until next Friday.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Photo Friday [72]

This week Greg found a pretty cool prize in our flower bed - a US $1 coin.  No idea how it got there.

 Of course he had to take a photo to send to Grandpa Dale, who taught him all about treasure hunting.  They went metal detecting in the park and panned for gold while we were living with my parents.

 The kids are always happy when Teya comes to our house.  She usually comes with some sort of snack for them - a cucumber, strawberries, or a few bananas.

 Kate is often surprisingly tolerant of her brothers, even when Caleb decides that she is a "horsey."

 Greg is really enjoying being back in Ukarumpa with his friends.

Little Kate is three months old today!