Friday, May 22, 2015

Photo Friday [85]

As you may remember from last week's post, last weekend was Sports Day here in Ukarumpa.  Friday afternoon there was a fair amount of rain, and so on Saturday it looked like this around the bleachers:

 The field was much the same, so many of the athletes elected to compete barefoot.

 Cooling off with an ice pop.

We waited around all day for Greg's relay race.  These two took a little nap in the shade.

Greg racing toward the finish line with his friend and teammate running alongside to encourage him.

 Yes, my son insisted on running in his Crocs.  He lost one just before the finish line.  He was the last one over the finish line in his heat, but he didn't mind.  I think he really enjoyed getting to run in front of an audience.

I woke one morning to a jaw-dropping sunrise.  Of course, in the two minutes it took me to grab my camera and step outside, it had turned into just a pretty sunrise.  Since we're so close to the equator here, the sun rises and sets pretty rapidly, which means brief sunrises and sunsets.  Really pretty ones are much rarer here than they are in the States.

Six months old!  This week she discovered consonants, so we've been hearing a lot of da-da-da and ga-ga-ga.

Until next Friday...

Friday, May 15, 2015

Photo Friday [84]

Just a few photos for you this week.  Nothing exciting on the home front, and Brian has just been booked solid with meeting after meeting this week at work, which isn't very photogenic.  But this is what my camera caught this week:



This last one is from this morning at Sports Day, the annual track and field event at the High School.  Greg could have stayed all day to watch the events.  Caleb was just there for the food, I think.  Greg is pretty sure that he's the fastest thing on two feet, and so I'm hoping to put together a team for him tomorrow, so that they can compete in the 4 x 100 community relay event, which is open to everyone.  I think he would get such a kick out of racing in front of all those cheering fans.  

'Till next week!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Photo Friday [83]

This week in the Frey household:

Popsicle face.

The boys like helping me to water the new plants/seeds in the flower bed.  As you can see by the fact that they change into swimming shorts beforehand, my helpers have no intention of staying dry in the process.

The boys are obsessed with watching dad play Mario.  They beg daily to play, and when they are denied, they stare at the case and the Greg pours over the booklet inside, dreaming of of ways to defeat various animated foes.

Baby smiles.

 Our store recently started doing a batch of rotisserie chickens one day per week - if they get enough orders - ready in the late afternoon for dinner.  When all your meals are from scratch, this is something to get excited about!

 I made an attempt to get more photos of Caleb this week.  Not so easy to do.

 The best way is to distract him with something else!

Today Greg's preschool class had "Messy Art Day," and I came to observe.

  Some of the kids really got into the body paint...

Or the shaving cream.

 My son preferred the less messy art options.  Doesn't surprise me.

That's all for this week.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Photo Friday [82]

The most exciting thing at our house this week has been chickens.

I never would have guessed how difficult it would be to acquire laying hens here.  After all, you see chickens all over the place.  After our first two attempts to acquire hens fell through, our friend who was buying them for a few different families got a lead on a local village that had black Australorp hens for sale (a dual purpose breed that is good for laying and meat).  We ordered four.  To our surprise, our friend came back with just three nondescript village chickens... which he had to pay twice the price we originally were planning to buy hens for.  Since there were three families wanting hens, we got one.  

Greg immediately named her Gina, and camped out in front of the coop, waiting for her to lay an egg.

Being a village chicken, Gina is pretty flighty, and totally ignored the commercial chicken feed we set out for her.  So we fed her kitchen scraps and let her roam around the yard to eat bugs.

Ah!  The first egg!  Greg is very into the chickens.  Caleb, I think, has an attitude more like our dog's... he thinks chasing them would be fun.

By the end of the week, however, we were able to acquire three more pullets to complete our little flock.  They are supposedly Australorp crosses, so hopefully they will be better layers than Gina (who I also suspect is not exactly a "spring chicken," as they say...).  It'll be a few months before we get any eggs from them.  Greg has named the orange one Shooting Star and the white one Snow.  I am allowed to name the black one, but I haven't chosen a name yet.  (I only get to name one, so I have to make it good!)  Any suggestions?

In other news:

 Over the weekend Brian brought us a scoop of topsoil for the flower bed.

 The man in his element.

 Kate was thrilled to try out mom's biscotti.  She is very eager to start eating grown-up food.

 Greg started drawing people!  This probably isn't as exciting for you as it is for me, but up until a few months ago, Greg hated drawing and only ever produced scribbles.  Suddenly he has decided he likes it and is producing pictures with recognizable objects.

A fine afternoon with nothing better to do, so I took some photos of Kate.  (Of course, while I was occupied in the back yard with the baby another child knocked over our water filtration system and broke two $70 filters... but at least I got some cute photos, right?)

See you next week!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Photo Friday [81]

Another week of life with the Freys:

5 months old!

Someone has trouble limiting the coloring to the paper...

 What do you mean you're going to take away the markers!!??

My pet project has been re-planting this flower bed.  I failed to get a true "before" picture, which would have included a bunch of leftover logs from when we cut down the large tree in our yard completely overgrown with five foot tall plants and a few small trees that took over the space while we were in the U.S. having Kate.  So this is the "before" picture after I already hacked down all the plants and we hauled away a truckload of logs that were too gnarled to split for firewood.  Hopefully I'll have a nice "after" picture for you soon.

 Greg's preschool class took a field trip to the airstrip to learn about planes and helicopters.  Brian went with him.  Apparently between our Greg and the daughter of one of our pilots, they already knew everything there is to know about aviation.  Yeah... ours is that kid who always raises his hand first and has something to say.  I don't think we're going to face any self confidence issues with him!

 Sitting in the helicopter.

 You may have already seen these on Facebook, but they are too fun not to share again.  Notice how Caleb is always the one running and Greg is the one doing the tackling?

I have been very happy to be able to spend a few mornings here, at our training center:

Next week the annual Translators Training Course will begin, and so the training center dorms are bursting with students from all over the country.  The course is taught in English, and so to prepare those students who would benefit from a little brushing up, we are holding a week-long English Enrichment course.  I've been helping out a few mornings while Greg is in school.

 Kate has been coming with me and does her part by sleeping or quietly cooing in the back of the room.  She has done quite well.

 In this shot the boys decided to photo bomb Kate's 5-month photos.  Love these guys!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Photo Friday [80]

Brian was gone over the weekend, but the kids and I got to have a little adventure.  We were invited to a birthday party for a two-year-old girl out at a coffee plantation near where we live.  

Coffee beans drying in the sun.

Caleb quickly commandeered the little girl's pink car.  He's looking "Super Pretty," don't you think?

Speaking of super pretty, there is this girl.

Here are a few photos from Brian's trip to the islands.  Last week I shared a photo of him on the island of Buka, which is so far from mainland PNG that it's in a different time zone.  After Buka, he went to visit another regional center in Kokopo, on the island of New Britain.

 It was Brian's first time in Kokopo, and he was thoroughly impressed.  This was the nicest, cleanest public market that he's seen here in PNG.

 During WWII, the Japanese had a large base in Rabaul, on the same island.  The town of Rabaul was destroyed in 1994 after a volcanic eruption, and the provincial capitol was moved to Kokopo.  There are a lot of WWII artifacts there.  This was outside a museum, that was unfortunately closed when Brian was there.

Pretty beaches, with a view of the volcano in the distance.

 On Brian's last day, he took an early-morning commercial flight to the airport at Hoskins.  He had to wait all day to catch a late afternoon flight on one of our center's airplanes back home.  So, he did what any good missionary would do.  He approached a truck full of Papua New Guineans and asked if he could hitch a ride a kilometer down to road to a mission station for New Tribes Mission.  The New Tribes folks were a bit surprised when Brian turned up out of nowhere, but when he mentioned that he had all day to kill and a suitcase full of tools, they let him into their workshop and gave him some work to do to keep him occupied!

Brian got home late on Monday, and we're very happy to have him back!

And from this morning - you know it's cold in your house when you wake up and see the color-changing cup you got from a street fair back in Oregon has turned red overnight!